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Haley's Bridals
Tuesday, April 08, 2008 | wedding           

I love it when bride's meet with me before their wedding to shoot their bridal portraits.  It really give us time to give extra special attention to those timeless portraits!  Haley is getting married next month on their family's ranch in north Tallahassee and I couldn't be more excited about shooting their wedding!  Isn't she glowing!?!



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Patsy: WOW!!!!  These are simply stunning sister!!! Try to have some fun in the Dominican.   Smooches, Patsy (04/24/08, 05:19)     
Kaylea: I love these pictures! You did an awesome job! (04/22/08, 05:05)     
Kenzie Shores: these are absolutely stunning!!! The light is so gorgeous!!! (04/15/08, 04:43)     
Heather: She´s so beautiful and elegant looking! I can´t wait to see her at the wedding!! (04/13/08, 03:10)     
Jennifer Bowen: Gorgeous as usual! My favorite is 3rd from the bottom. Love the feel of that one. (04/10/08, 12:07)     
jason groupp: MB - Those are FABULOUS!! (04/09/08, 07:31)     
Kim: Wow, she is beautiful... gorgeous job... and in that last picture she looks like Jessica Simpson. (04/09/08, 06:34)     
Chris Harvey: Wow! She is gorgeous. The lighting is awesome. I totally agree with Erin on this one. This looks like it came right off the cover of a bridal mag. Awesome stuff MB. (04/09/08, 06:34)     
Amy Martin: She´s beautiful... and so are your pics :)   (04/09/08, 06:30)     
Erin Harvey: Wow, she is beautiful! I love the ones with the tree branches. Looks like they came straight out of a bridal magazine! (04/09/08, 05:28)     

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