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Sophe and Dusty - McDonough, GA
Sunday, July 25, 2010 | wedding           

I love taking the opportunity to shoot with a friend when it presents itself.  Because my husband and I had a baby in May I planned on taking June and July off but when Karlin called and asked if I would be interested in helping her with Sophe and Dusty's wedding I couldn't turn her down.  Karlin Connell is one of my best friends and an amazing photographer.  It's always a pleasure assisting her at weddings and I look forward to assisting again before the summer is over!  

Below are a few favorites from the day!

The image below is a result of drinking 5 Hour Energy and the sudden urge to run down a hill  



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Justin DeMutiis: All I can say is that you´re really, really talented (08/16/10, 08:47)     
Julie Brewer: I´m so glad you blogged...I´ve been on pins and needles waiting for my next dose.  What an adorable wedding!  As always, your pre-ceremony light is so subtle and delicate.  And, your portraits with the silos are stunning.  Love it all! Glad you are back in the swing of things, Mommy! (08/04/10, 02:05)     
Rae Leytham: Very Beautiful wedding and beautiful images.  I love the natural feel of the wedding. (08/04/10, 02:06)     
ann cook: These are too beautiful!  Can´t wait to see the rest.  Such talent!  Remember our beach trip.  I will carry, tote, clean, or whatever.  Thanks does not even start. (08/04/10, 02:05)     
susan stripling: gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. (07/26/10, 09:34)     

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