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Amy and Mike - Eden Gardens
Saturday, June 12, 2010 | wedding           

Amy and Mike were married at the beautiful Eden Gardens State Park.  Amy grew up in Panama City but now lives in Chicago where she met Mike quite a few years ago.  The best way to describe the day is elegant and lovely.  The perfect wedding.  

Below are a few favorites from the day...






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Stanley Bair: Mary Beth, Your pictures are gorgeous!! You are a real pro! Stanley (08/19/10, 09:24)     
michelle: It looks as if you NEVER blow out the details of pictures even in broad daylight!  How do you not overexpose the whites in such bright light in Florida?  The details and coloring of each picture are amazing! What lenses do you usually use at weddings? (07/22/10, 09:52)     
Andi_Diamond: Loves these captures.  So beautiful!  Amazing job! (07/12/10, 05:12)     
michelle: You are an amazing photographer.  I LOVE the colors and saturation.  Your perspective...breathtaking.  Thanks so much for sharing your work...to view your work is always worth the wait! and congratulations on your new addition to your family. (06/23/10, 07:34)     
Justin DeMutiis: You are amazing. I always love looking at your work. (06/19/10, 08:04)     
Julie Brewer: Your weddings are always so beautiful and elegant!  Love the backlight during the portraits!! (06/15/10, 11:55)     

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