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Still reading this old thing??
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | business           

If you are still reading this blog on google reader you need to move over to the new blog!  

New Site:    www.marybethtyson.com

RSS Feed:   www.marybethtyson.com/rss

Enjoy!  It's much prettier than this old one!  


New Blog and Site!  Update your Google Reader/RSS Feed!
Sunday, February 13, 2011 | business           


We're Live!!!  So without further delay!  

The new site:  www.marybethtyson.com

RSS link:  www.marybethtyson.com/rss



If you are reading this on google reader you will NOT BE RECEIVING UPDATES ANYMORE so be sure to UPDATE YOUR GOOGLE READER with the new blog link!  That link again is  www.marybethtyson.com/rss


Do you subscribe to this blog on google reader?
Friday, January 28, 2011 | business           

If you do, the RSS feed will be changing soon and you won't receive updates in google reader anymore!

Stay tuned for the new RSS information coming soon!


New Things Coming Soon!
Friday, January 07, 2011 | business           

Please excuse the lack of blogging!  I'm so excited about some major changes coming to my branding, website and blog!  

After three years with my lovely palm tree in my logo I've decided to move on.  Why am I moving on?  Well, many reasons.  When I started my business I saw myself shooting most of my weddings on the beach and wanted to attract those brides.  As my busness has grown I'm still shooting on the beach but also many other exciting places and want to attract those brides as well. I also feel my business and photography has grown past the cute palm tree.  

It only begins with a new logo too! 

Soon you will see a very new and beautiful blog and website too designed  by the very talented Infinet  Design guys! I'm not one to rebrand every few years so hopefully this will be my final rebranding until I retire 50 years from now....  of course I'll have a few refreshers every now and then. 

So there you have it!  New look, new blog, new site, new logo, new everything!  

So don't give up on me yet!  Next blog entry you see will be the intro to my brand new beautiful branding!  

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Chris Harvey: I´m excited to see it. Infinet does great stuff. Hope all is well MB. (01/08/11, 01:06)     
christian: Hey MB - this is exciting - it must be the New Year.  I am also trashing a lot of my old stuff and revamping my web site.  Really looking forward to seeing more of your great work!!!!! Thanks for stopping by the other day, it was great seeing you after all this time. With all my best wishes, chris (01/08/11, 01:06)     

Studio News
Tuesday, August 04, 2009 | business           

If you live in tallahassee and drive down monroe street you've probably noticed a "for lease" sign on the building.  Have no fear!  I'm not going out of business, only moving.  I've loved and enjoyed this studio so much and it's a great space but I'm moving across town to a new location.  I'll be here at 1212 north monroe for a bit longer until the new space opens up.

Look for a post sometime late this fall for the new address and location information.
Feel free to email me at marybeth@marybethtyson.com or call 850.222.0806 for more details.

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xacc: nice blogging.. (08/24/09, 02:14)     

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