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Textures of the Dominican
Sunday, April 27, 2008 | travel           

As promised I finally have some images ready from our trip to the Dominican Republic.  I have an obvious love for Palm Trees so the post is a little palm heavy but more than palm trees I have a love for boats.  Since High School I've had many opportunities to travel overseas and even before becoming a photographer I always set out to photograph boats from all over the world.  My number one goal has always been to find fishing boats in every country but didn't mind settling for any type of boat if I couldn't find a fishing boat - unfortunately during this trip I was only able to find one I wanted to shoot.

All of the images below were taken during the wedding.

I wanted to talk about little more about why I love boats, especially fishing boats.  I talk a lot about my family history in my website bio and I'm currently working on something that I hope to turn into a lifelong project called the "Florida Project".  For many generations my family has made a living fishing the Florida waters.  I love traveling to other places in the US and around the world and seeing people making a living the same way my family has for so long.  While the two boats below aren't meant for fishing but transporting tourist, I couldn't help but love the scene.  


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Micha: This sure will make you have a love for palm trees! These are just fabulous and what a beautiful place!!! (05/05/08, 03:43)     
erich camping: Awesome!! Go palm crazy!! (05/05/08, 06:39)     
Armin: Love these Mary Beth, especially the last two shots of the palm trees. (05/05/08, 06:39)     
Rae: Those images are fantastic!!!  Now, I want to go there! (05/02/08, 09:30)     
Tami & Tom: Mary Beth -- those shots are absolutely amazing! I just showed them to Tom and he and I are just DYING to see more! I hope some of those shots are included in our slideshow because they are just phenomenal! Thanks so much for shooting our DR wedding and I hope despite Amy´s lost baggage that you both had as wonderful of a time as we did! (05/02/08, 09:30)     
Amy Martin: I think you´re going to turn into a palm tree.  ;)   Love these!   (04/28/08, 02:40)     
Dawn McKinstry: Yay!  Some Dominican pictures!  I love all of the different textures and designs.  And the sky looked beautiful too.  The last two are probably my favorite. (04/28/08, 10:20)     

Ahh, Glacier...
Wednesday, January 30, 2008 | travel           

I think I'm going to start a category called "Old Stuff". Because this is such a slow season the most exciting thing going on right now seems to be my many late night dates with the album design software.  

I've mentioned many times on this blog that my husband and I are obsessed with vacationing and traveling.  I don't know if it's because we work hard or if it's because we just like to play.  I think it's the latter.  Since my husband had never been out west I decided to play tour guide and introduce him to altitudes most Florida boys (and girls) try to avoid.  Below are a few images from one of my favorite places in the world - Glacier National Park.  

I guess my palm tree looks a little out of place.  

This is Ryan driving in our rented Mustang on the "Road to the Sun".  I can't imagine why they call it that!  

Being a huge western movie fan I loved this shot because I think this looks like a photograph in an old western.  

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Mark Christensen: Mary Beth, I´ve got to go there, it looks incredible. Beautiful images! (02/06/08, 02:52)     
mary beth tyson: Hey Erich - Isn´t that true!!  Your logo would have been perfect for these shots.  But hey - My logo likes a vacation every once in a while too!   (02/01/08, 12:22)     
erich camping: Mary Beth! These are all great! You can borrow my logo for these images, if I can use yours when I get down to Florida! (02/01/08, 08:58)     
Amy Martin: Ooooo, I´m in love!  I´ve been wanting to go there for so long! (01/31/08, 08:57)     
Dawn McKinstry: I agree, the sheep is probably my favorite!  It makes you feel like you´re there. Oh, how I´d love to go back out west. (01/31/08, 08:57)     
Kara Pennington: these are awesome pics!  the one of the sheep is amazing!!! (01/30/08, 08:44)     

Faces of the Amazon
Thursday, December 13, 2007 09:39 | travel           

This summer I had the incredible privilege of traveling to Colombia and then down the Amazon river with a group of missionaries from Florida.  I went along to simply photograph the ministry but more importantly the lives and faces of the people in the area.    I've always LOVED this type of photography but at the same time it's very hard to do it in a way that is honoring and respectful to the people.  Before I was a photographer I traveled quite a bit overseas and always wished I was able to document it through the lens of a camera.  I found that after a bit of trust is earned and a lot of respect is given the people actually love to have their photograph taken... especially when they can see themselves on the back of the camera!  :-)  There are a lot of pictures because it's just so hard to pick only a few favorites.  I've posted this once before on my old blog but thought that during this slow season I would reintroduce the Faces of the Amazon.     The first five images were taken in the small but very busy city of Leticia which is located on the Amazon River on the Colombian side of the Brazilian and Colombian border.  
  During the 8 hour boat ride to one of the communities on the Amazon  

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Kenzie Shores: This is amazing.  This is something that I would love to be able to do...soon! lol :) (03/24/08, 10:43)     
erich camping: Mary Beth!! I knew you were a talented wedding photographer, but you have blown me away with these images! WOW!! Each one is amazing!! (12/20/07, 02:48)     
Melissa E Earle: Wow! These images are CRAZY AWESOME! I love your colors and how intense all the little kids looked in your images!  I am def coming back here again! Cheerio -Melissa E Earle (12/19/07, 05:44)     
christian: Hey - some fine work here.  Are you familiar with the ´publish on demand´ book publishing companies like lulu and blurb?  This would look great as a book!!! (12/18/07, 02:06)     
Rose: As always, these are fantastic!  I´m so proud of you! (13.12.2007 ,20:21)     
Amy Martin: Awesome images MB.  I would LOOOVE the opportunity to do something like that.  :)   (13.12.2007 ,10:18)     

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