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Stephanie and Andy's Engagement Session - Downtown Tallahassee, FL
Monday, March 15, 2010 | engagement           

Below are a few images from Stephanie and Andy's engagement session in Downtown Tallahassee.  They are getting married in Rosemary Beach next month and I'm thrilled to be their photographer!! 








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Julie: The layers!  You really killed it in this session.  Love, love, love. (05/13/10, 09:48)     

Courtland and Jason - Pensacola, FL
Monday, August 31, 2009 | engagement           

Courtland and Jason!  It was a pleasure meeting you!  I'm looking forward to your wedding in May!!  

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George: Cool! (10/15/09, 08:19)     
Terri: Last shot, amazing. (09/01/09, 06:59)     

Abby and Jason
Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | engagement           

All images were taken in Apalachicola, FL and the area on a beautiful breezy day.  I love this couple!

Hoping this will be framed at the reception.  Nothing too big maybe just billboard size.  


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Ashley Daniell: Beautiful photos of this beautiful couple. I was scrolling through Mary´s blog as usual and came across faces that actually looked familiar! Congrats Abby and Jason!!! (07/06/09, 12:44)     
Rae: LOVE these and I DO think the shadow doggies should be HUGE at the wedding! (06/20/09, 08:43)     
erin harvey: Love that last one! Great lighting as usual. =) (06/18/09, 10:16)     
Ida Marie: These are great!!!   (06/17/09, 09:58)     

Ginney and Jeff
Friday, March 28, 2008 | engagement           

It's rare that I get to drive to my hometown area to shoot and it's always a pleasure when the opportunity comes up.  Ginney and I haven't met but we're connected by quite a few people.  I met Ginney and Jeff at her family's house which is located about two miles off of the main road.  We then drove out to their property where they wanted to shoot.  It's so important that you choose a location that reflects your personality and they did just that!

Jeff gave Ginney this fishing pole which not only has their names but is pink and black - her favorite colors.  An engraved fishing pole as a gift??  That's my kinda present!  

Ginney and Jeff - I'm so glad I got to meet you and shoot your engagement session!   


Elizabeth and Kyle
Saturday, March 22, 2008 | engagement           

When I arrived to St. Augustine this morning it looked like someone had locked the doors and closed down the streets - it was a ghost town!  By 11 am the doors opened and the streets were flooded with people.  

Elizabeth and Kyle are a fantastic couple!  They are so cute together and honestly love each other, which I believe shows in the images below.  


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Armin: Fun shots Mary Beth, it´s so nice to shoot sometimes when no one is around! Man I still can´t shake Vegas out of my head, lol. WPPI rocked, so fun & happy we got to hang for a bit. (03/27/08, 07:09)     
Lauren Jennings: So i´m so jealous you take such bea-u-tiful pictures and get such great colors!!!!! I still can´t figure it out... :( I´m glad you had a safe trip to WPPI and home again! (03/25/08, 09:06)     

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